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Contradictions in the Historcal Jesus by chillinatthecabstand

This is not my comments, but someone else’s.  I tried to repost, but it wouldn’t allow me too.  So I just Copied and Pasted. This is my investigation into whether or not they actually prove Jesus’ historicity. Here’s his list: … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

After my last post about the Christian vs. Atheist debate, it got me thinking.  I have read several atheist blogs and Youtube videos and I have noticed several common traits. Almost all the atheist blogs, use the argument of science … Continue reading

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Christian Vs. Atheist

Dr.William Lane Craig vs. Dr. Peter Atkins.  I did not watch the whole debate, but this part really caught my attention.  Because the Christian Dr. Craig, does make some very valid points.

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So Who do You think is the Greatest?

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Who is the greatest?

Contradiction #3 If you ask any Christian this Question: “Who is the Greatest Person to ever live?” JESUS, would probably be your answer 99.99% of the time. But wait this gives me a little confusion.  Why?  Because in separate occasions the Bible … Continue reading

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