Christian Vs. Atheist

Dr.William Lane Craig vs. Dr. Peter Atkins.  I did not watch the whole debate, but this part really caught my attention.  Because the Christian Dr. Craig, does make some very valid points.

About M. Rodriguez

When I first received Christ salvation, I made it a priority to read the whole bible and I did. But it was the Bible that made me question my faith. For I found it flawed and lacking. Due to this I launched a personal inquiry/investigation into my faith, and ultimately realized that the Christian God of the Bible was indeed man-made. Now I Blog about those findings and life after Christ.
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3 Responses to Christian Vs. Atheist

  1. Anton A. Hill says:

    While Craig may have a point on some issues, such as science’s ability to assess aesthetics, that not only provides no evidence at all for his Christianity, but he often himself relies entirely on Begging the Question. For example, he frequently cites the existence of “objective moral values” which he assumes are there. It’s true that most people agree that there are such things as “objective moral values,” but as can easily be demonstrated, lots of people believing a thing bears no consequence on that thing being.

    His argument on metaphysics is particularly weak. Simply naming something with a neologism (which the word “metaphysics” is) based on Greek roots doesn’t make that thing real. Having been raised in the New Age movement, I have first hand experience in the claims of metaphysics. Not one of them has a single shred of evidence. The mind, for example, has been demonstrated as being nothing more than bioelectric brain activity. It’s an assumption to claim that the “mind” is anything else or additional.

    Further, Craig draws a false equivalency between Nazi scientists’ activities and western scientists’ activities. While it may be true that in each case the scientific method may be employed, the intention and result of each practice is demonstrably separate. A Nazi scientist attempting to develop a more efficient method of killing people is demonstrably different from a western scientist developing a method of curing people of disease. These differences can clearly be demonstrated with or without a belief in a god, specifically the Christian god, and thus there is no need for the Christian god in order to demonstrate the suffering caused by the one more so than the other.

    It’s true that Craig has a soothing, professional voice and that he is quite versed on the finer points of debate, but like every other apologist who ever lived, he not only relies heavily on fallacy and emotional appeal, but he has not one shred of evidence for any of his supernatural claims.

  2. Ryan says:

    Hi Anton, hope all is well

    you seem to be a very busy blogger 🙂

    Just curious

    1. What drives you in your attempts at deconverting people?

    I assume your response will be related to how toxic religion is, but why does it matter?

    I mean, According to you there is no God. (just as an example, please correct me if I am wrong) maybe your trying to save the world from “the disillusionment of religion”. But in the end, senseless wars will continue, whether they are of a religious nature or not, becuase war is grounded in belief of any kind, not merely boxed in religion.

    2. Do you believe in an afterlife?

    There is a difference between religion and faith. A person just can’t tie all of the wrongs of humanity and lump it on a selected few religions (not saying that you are).

    All the best,

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