Who is the Best Christian Apologist?

I would like to hear from the everybody(Christian Community) on who is the best apologist?  I want to know, who is good apologist I can study up on to answer some of my questions?


*Update:  Here is My Top Ten List who I would describe as Christian Apologist and Scholars.

About M. Rodriguez

When I first received Christ salvation, I made it a priority to read the whole bible and I did. But it was the Bible that made me question my faith. For I found it flawed and lacking. Due to this I launched a personal inquiry/investigation into my faith, and ultimately realized that the Christian God of the Bible was indeed man-made. Now I Blog about those findings and life after Christ.
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44 Responses to Who is the Best Christian Apologist?

  1. Ryan says:

    Here are some Christian Apologists that I would recommend

    1. Ravi Zacharias – http://www.rzim.org/resources.aspx

  2. Ryan says:

    4. I also found this to be a useful website –


  3. Ryan says:

    There is also Alister McGrath

    although I personally don’t necessarily agree with all his conclusions I think his study and publications are worth reading


  4. IgnorantiaNescia says:

    A few suggestions, a non-exhaustive list:

    William Lane Craig, of course:

    Then you might want to check the Christian CADRE:

    Victor Reppert is also a good Christian philosopher:

  5. unkleE says:

    I’m still a great fan of CS Lewis. It is common to dismiss him these days, but as I get older, he makes more and more sense.

    The best straight apologetics book I have ever read is William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith – very comprehensive and well argued, as you’d expect. His website of the same name is well worth checking out.

    John Lennox is a very smart man, an engaging speaker, but his books are not (in my limited experience) as rigorous as Craig’s.

    I’m a great fan of Aussie historian John Dickson. He writes very simply and effectively about the historical Jesus, and covers some other apologetics issues as well.

    • I do intend to purchase and read CS Lewis book, mere christianity, however even though it is one of the most highly regard books on the apologetic-atheism issue. From my understanding, a significant portion of his is dedicated to the argument of morality, which in my opinion is irrelevant towards the argument of inerrant of the bible. Nonetheless, I still think it is a must read on reputation alone.

      • unkleE says:

        “a significant portion of his is dedicated to the argument of morality, which in my opinion is irrelevant towards the argument of inerrant of the bible”
        You are right, and if you are interested in Biblical inerrancy rather than apologetics, then don’t bother with CS Lewis – like me, he didn’t believe in it.

  6. IgnorantiaNescia says:

    Francis Collins and Karl Giberson are important Christian apologists to counter the overall tendency of apologists to Intelligent Design. William Lane Craig moderately supports ID and so does John Lennox seem to do recently, so some counterweight is crucial in any reading.

  7. William Lane Craig is actually my Favorite apologist to date, I actually think he won the argument against hitches. I will definitely buy his book. (However it was actually one of my first debates I ever watched.)

    I do intend to research his five points of argument. I wanna see if his arguments are logical and can stand up to criticism.

  8. Nate says:

    Norman Geisler and Josh McDowell are worth checking out. I’ve never seen them debate, but I’ve read their books. Just be warned that they only give one side of the issue.

  9. papapound says:

    If you want to discuss apologetics you can get in touch with me. I have several thoughts and resources.

  10. 1. Francis Schaeffer
    2. Cornelius Van Til
    3. Abraham Kuyper
    4. Herman Dooyeweerd.
    5. Nicholas Wolterstorff
    Not necessary in that order; these represent a school of thought.

    Also, Stanley Jaki; Thomas Kuhn, not a Christian, but raises problems for 20th century positivism.

  11. also, God and Other Minds: A Study of the Rational Justification of Belief in God (Cornell Paperbacks) by Alvin Plantinga
    Cornell University Press (1990), Paperback, 277 pages

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  13. arkenaten says:

    Missed this post for some odd reason…
    Craig has to be the best apologist I have heard. His incessant drone, pitched a semi-tone above -barely tolerable’, he has perfected to an art form. It distracts his opponents as much as his encyclopedic knowledge of bullshit.
    He can reason himself out of almost any logical argument, even when it is obvious he is talking tripe he still manages to come out sounding authoritive and smelling of roses.
    He could moonlight as a politician; no problem.

    • Craig may be popular but not the best apologist. I would argue that Van Til or G.H. Clark are much better. Clark in particular is a first-rate philosopher and held the Chair of the Philosophy Department at Butler University for a number of years.

  14. Ron says:

    There are many great Christian apologists 🙂 James White Alpha and Omega Ministries is by far the greatest as far as depth of the knoweldge of the Word of God the Greek Hebrew aramaic Arabic islam and so forth. James white has handled the toughest guys out there… mostly islamic apologists. James White,Ravi Zacharias,William lane Craig, the best top 3 I suggest you look up James White Alpha and Omega Ministries. God bless you all in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

    • Arkenaten says:

      LOL. Shows what happens when you don’t read the blog properly. I don’t think Marcus needs the blessings of any god these days!

    • I'mAllBooked says:

      I also highly recommend Dr. James R. White; he is a contemporary Christian apologist, theologian, and debater. He has done numerous debates with men on different religions, has a radio program, and has written numerous books. He is the founder of Alpha and Omega Ministries, http://aomin.org/.

    • Rose says:

      🙂 agreed.obey his teachings.yet ravi zacharias are ppl raised by God.so we should not disown their ministry as Christians, they have responded to their vocation.God bless them for that

  15. Gill says:

    I can’t believe people here think that Van Til and other presuppositional apologists are good. They’re annoying and utterly unconvincing. The whole of their arguments can be summed thusly:
    “I assume God exists. I assume that God is the only way to think rationally. Therefore, if you want to think rationally, you have to believe in God. Because you claim that rationality exists, you secretly believe that God exists.”

  16. Gill, that is the worst attempt at summarizing the presuppositional apologetic method that I have ever since. If you think that is the argument no wonder you dismiss it out-of-hand. Your post is just plain silly.

  17. spurgeon issac says:

    no doubt …. Dr. ravi zacarias

  18. graceone says:

    I don’t know if he would count as an apologist, but I enjoy reading a lot of stuff by the former Anglican Bishop of Durham, N.T. Wright. I also like some of the books he has co-authored with the progressive scholar Marcus Borg, just to hear these differing perspectives discussed side by side. Happy studying!!:)

  19. graceone says:

    Oh, I wanted to add that I think two of the greatest Christian thinkers in the area of faith and science are definitely Dr. John Polkinghorne, and Dr. Francis Collins, very brilliant men.

  20. Jim Verner (missionary to Cambodia) says:

    Can we foresee the emergence of Neurologist Eban Alexander coming into the fore as a leading Christian apologist? Jim

  21. Jathan says:

    Ravi Zhacharias, C. S. Lewis, and John Lennox

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