A Double-Sided Message

Earlier this year I put on my Facebook Wall:

For the most dangerous thing to Christianity is a man with a BIBLE, for No One can tell him what Christianity is or what it should look like, for he is able to discover TRUTH by simply reading.

I had about nine of my christian friends like the status, and one comment ‘Amen to that!!!.’ But it actually had a double meaning.  Because on this journey to the bittersweetend I don’t feel like I’m losing faith in church.  I still love church.  I still love reading my bible.  I’m still actively involved in teen-youth.  In fact I’m now the ordained youth leader/minister at my church.

I feel like I’m losing faith in God.  The more I read my bible, the more I feel like God does not exist.  Now to be quite honest with the masses,…..I feel more Atheist than Christian.

About M. Rodriguez

When I first received Christ salvation, I made it a priority to read the whole bible and I did. But it was the Bible that made me question my faith. For I found it flawed and lacking. Due to this I launched a personal inquiry/investigation into my faith, and ultimately realized that the Christian God of the Bible was indeed man-made. Now I Blog about those findings and life after Christ.
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17 Responses to A Double-Sided Message

  1. It seems to me that everything starts to change once you drop the Christian presuppositions. When examined from outside, rather than from inside, it looks like a very different proposition.

    Best wishes for wherever you find yourself.

  2. Brenda says:

    You know many of us have been where you are and have traveled the same path. You know where to find us if you need us for support.

    I’m wondering how you feel about still being so involved at church but maybe that’s too personal to share right now.

    The Clergy Project has been in the news lately (a support for nonbelieving clergy). Maybe it’s somewhere you could get support: http://clergyproject.org/

    I’m interested in the fact that you are leaning towards atheism and not another religion perhaps – or a less fundamentlist-type of christianity.. I know my own reasons but maybe in a future post you could talk about your own reasons.

    Wish you the best no matter what side you finally land on – and remember – nothing’s written in stone – you can change your views as many times as you like 🙂 Life’s a journey!

  3. unklee says:

    I wonder what you feel about Jesus? Is he fading like God is, or staying like church and Bible are?

  4. ignorantianescia says:

    “The more I read my bible, the more I feel like God does not exist.”

    May I ask what it is in the Bible that makes you think God doesn’t exist? As in for example, do you think the stories about God are just made up?

    • its that Ive always done my best to take the bible as a whole, to not just cut and paste leisurely with the scriptures. To search for truth in God’s Word, because he is absolute truth. However how can he or the bible still be absolute truth, when we say only SOME of the bible is inspired, only SOME of the bible do we take serious, only SOME of the bible is infallible or inerrant.

      And I understand that every christian, denomination, and church, puts emphasis on different things, but that does not mean, we toss out whole sections because it does not talk about Jesus.

      • unkleE says:

        But I don’t think any of us are saying only some of the Bible is inspired, or we should toss out some bits. Rather we are saying different parts have meaning in different ways – you don’t interpret ancient saga like you do NT biography; don’t interpret parables like history.

      • ignorantianescia says:

        I get your point. You’re right, it has to be addressed how the whole of the Bible can be relevant if not everything is literal, inerrant or infallible.

        I’d reply along these lines: The Bible is not a single book, but a collection of many books, all that communicate God’s messages in a way. They do not all address the same issues, so we need to find out what questions the books address. Then we need to respect that the books address them in their own ways. The same goes on smaller scales, like single passages.

        So perhaps a non-inerrant understanding of the Bible would be more message-focused and less statement-focused, overall. But I think the whole can be accepted as God’s Word (in the second place), but only if we accept the uniqueness of the parts. The books, stories and passages have their own function in God’s message.

  5. I think I’ll post that quote on my facebook page…I’m curious to see what I get in response. Thank you for your transparency (which is rare to find with church people) and thank you for sharing your journey to discover truth.

  6. Out of curiosity I posted that quote this morning on Facebook, and so far I’ve had 8 “likes”, the first one came from a pastor’s wife who loves quoting from preachers who make you feel good about yourself like Joel Osteen. The only comment I got was actually very intriguing to me, and she said “He is also able to make a lot of errors, depending on the state of his heart as he reads.” She is a person who admittedly suffers from mental illness and is under medication for this.

  7. Yeah…and honestly, I wasn’t surprised. A lot of people who claim to be christians are about a mile wide but an inch deep; so if they hear or read something remotely “spiritual”, they are all about that. Part of the reason people like Joel Osteen are making the big bucks I guess.

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