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Who is Bart Ehrman?

Who is Bart Ehrman?  And why am I making a post blog about this dude with the funny sounding last name. Well he is the world-renowned distinguished New Testament Historian at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Ehrmans … Continue reading

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Guns Don’t Kill People, Gods do

This is kind of like my response post to CNN’s Where was God in Aurora by Dan Gilgoff.  And this is in no way to be disrespectful to the families at Aurora.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to the … Continue reading

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BitterSweet Musings

First I would like to say, this is actually a picture of my book shelf.  So anybody can see I actually have a bunch of Christian writings and a bunch of bibles on the bottom shelf.  I own somewhere around … Continue reading

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The Thinking Atheist at the Oklahoma Free-thought Convention

I saw this for the first time on the blog of The Godless Monster.  I thought it would be interesting to put up.  Just to give a little Background, the video is a PowerPoint presentation by Seth, The Thinking Atheist at the … Continue reading

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Questions for the Christian

Questions for the Christian presented by Brenda from Left Christianity via Why Christianity? Why the Bible? A while back I put up a YouTube post about Ravi Zacharias talking about Why the Bible and Christianity were unique for belief.  And Brenda respond with a questionnaire that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Godless By Dan Barker

This is my first atheist book, I’ve read. I have mixed feelings about this book, because it had some really good parts and some really dry parts.  And just some parts that went completely over my head and some parts … Continue reading

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Mission Statement of Unfaith

So I have already gotten the question of “What exactly do you believe?” and the statement, “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.” by one of the elders at my church. So let me clarify what I believe … Continue reading

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About the Atheist Challenge

It seems the Atheist Challenge Questionnaire has been getting around the blogosphere lately.  And has been making its rounds on wordpress, blogger, blogspot and now tumbler. To those who ask why are these questions phrased this way?  Why are these questions loaded? … Continue reading

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The Probability of God?

Have you ever thought to yourself, –What are the chances that God exist or doesn’t exist?  What are the chances I could be wrong about his existence?  What is the Probability of God and his (or her) existence? Well this … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Secret Atheist:
(I feel like I should be wearing a trench coat and smoking a cigar…) I got an e-mail recently from the Foundation Beyond Belief, a wonderful organization that helps pair humanists with non-religious charities,…

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Church, Pastor, and Ministry

I do apologize to those who were expecting a post on what happened when I told my wife, that I was an atheist when it came to Christianity but I do apologize I will probably not be posting on that for a … Continue reading

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The Bible, Torah, and the Koran

“If you have a Bible on your bookshelf, you may be a Christian. If you have a Koran on your bookshelf, you may be a Muslim. If you have a Torah on your bookshelf, you may be Jewish. If you … Continue reading

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