God on Trial

On Robert Nielson’s Blog he posted about a movie titled God On Trial.  It is the story of a group of Jews in a Nazi Concentration Camp during World War II.  While all cramped inside the bunker, some of the Jewish prisoners begin to call out to God.  While doing this some of the other prisoners question their motives for this, for some of them feel that God no longer cares for them.  Others feels that this is just all part of God’s divine plan.  And others feel that this is part of his judgement.

It’s the age-old question….Why does God allow evil and suffering?

However with a new twist, with his chosen people putting on a mock trial even in the face of certain death.  No longer is the question of evil and suffering just a theological question.  But now facing death, it is to find out if there is purpose behind this evil, murder, and blood-shed.  It becomes a question of practically knowing that death and suffering is knocking on the door, but on how to answer it.

“It is the heart which perceives God and not the reason. That is what faith is: God perceived by the heart, not by the reason.”
 Blaise Pascal

The charge?   Murder! Collaboration! The Almighty is charged with the murder of his own people.  He had promised to drive Israel’s enemies before her. He had promised that the throne of David would endure forever.  He has broken the covenant.  He has broken his promise.

Watch it, the answer may surprise you!

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About M. Rodriguez

When I first received Christ salvation, I made it a priority to read the whole bible and I did. But it was the Bible that made me question my faith. For I found it flawed and lacking. Due to this I launched a personal inquiry/investigation into my faith, and ultimately realized that the Christian God of the Bible was indeed man-made. Now I Blog about those findings and life after Christ.
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