God’s Perfect Plan.

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I actually stole this idea from TheoricalBS on YouTube.  (Disclaimer: So I do not claim Originality or Original Thought)  However, when I decided to talk to my wife and pastor on the things I found wrong with Christianity this is what I used to touch on what is wrong with God’s Perfect Divine Plan.

I find this to be one of the most troubling characteristic/attribute of the God of Judeo-Christianity.  It is hard to imagine and yet believe that Yahweh, an all-powerful, all-knowing, infinitely wise and most importantly a Perfect deity; that he be creator of such an unsound & fallacious plan.  I put mine in written form, so that they could read it in an e-mail.  My Version below.

God’s Divine Plan

To call oneself a Christian is to also to believe in God’s divine perfect plan, but if we were to really think about this plan.  We would notice several flaws.  How could we put our faith in not only a flawed plan, but a plan at times that does not make common sense?  Let’s take a look at God’s Plan:

1.      Believe that an eternal, infinite, all-powerful, and all-knowing, and all-loving God exist.  And believe that this being exist without limitation, and will know what will occur in the future or how people will perceive it or interpret it.

2.      Create the universe in SIX days, in this order:

Day 1- Light, but no Sun, and -Water, but no Sun to keep it in liquid form. 

Day 2- He created the Sky, so there was a sky with light but no Sun.

Day 3- He created Land, also with the appearance of age. To fool our greatest scientific minds.  Also create fruit and vegetation and a tree for the full purpose of tempting the woman you will create on day 6.

Day 4- Finally create the Sun.  In addition, create black-holes, stars, and other galaxies also with the appearance of time and light-years so that our astronomical scientific community could be truly confused on the age of the universe.

Day 5- Create animals, and don’t forget to create one snake endowed with lips, intellect and vocal chords.  For the full purpose of deceiving the human race and the woman you will create tomorrow.  

Day 6- Finally create the first two humans Adam and Eve with no belly buttons, with the full knowledge they will be imperfect and deceive you.

Day 7- Rest, because an all-powerful gods need their rest. 

3.      Correction Genesis 2. Create man first, garden, fruit, vegetation, then animals, and then woman. 

4.      In addition create a hell for your creations who do not worship you in their free-will, whom you have already foreknew and predestined (Romans 8:29) since the beginning of time and already know who will or will not worship you.

5.      After much, this all-powerful, all-knowing creature becomes upset with his creation, and kills them all in a giant flood.  Having one family build a large boat, and fill it with all types of animals.  (Alligators, Chickens, Lions, Rats, Cats, Dogs, Tigers, and Antelope.)  How the Lion manage not to eat the antelope is amazing to me.  Sparing one family to repopulate the earth. 

6.      Then cause a worldwide famine, to have your people migrate to Egypt to eventually have them tricked into being slaves.  All for your glory.  Because you knew this would happen. 

7.      Cause 10 plagues, with one of them that kills innocent children instead of the perpetrator that is actually keeping your people in slavery. 

8.      To the full knowledge of this God, knowing that killing everyone would not wipe out wickedness. This all-powerful, all-knowing God tries a new method in the idea of coming to earth as himself/Son and killing himself/Son.  Knowing that full well this will not rid the world of evil.  However it would satisfy his anger and wrath.

9.      While on earth, God/His Son performs marvelous miracles, knowing that full well people will be speculative of these miracles, because they were all done before the time of YouTube, computers, and cell phones with cameras.  So there is no way to truly verify the authenticity of these miracles completely.

10.Kill yourself, and comeback to life, and make yourself known to a number of people, but don’t leave reliable records of your existence or life, like a birth certificate, execution records, tax or census records, or even court records of your trial.  Even though the Greco-Romans usually did keep good records of things like this, but don’t leave any trace of RELIABLE evidence for future generations to read or research.

11.Do all these miracles before the invention of internet, YouTube, cameras, cell phones, and camcorders, so that people will never be able to verify the scientific authenticity of these miracles that defy all laws of logic, nature, and physics.  And then STOP…all before the invention of modern technology.

12.Create a Christian Bible and 4 gospels with a certain degree of interpretive discrepancies knowing full well that the Christian followers will disagree, argue, and kill each other, over the discrepancies in your bible.

13.But don’t preserve the original, so that your followers would have full clarity and understanding. 

14.Continue to allow suffering & unbelief, and allow your followers to chalk it up every single time to this vile evil creature Satan whom you have created and allowed to thrive harmoniously with our society.   

15.And allow other religions to thrive and flourish side by side with christianity, ultimately allowing people to be purposefully deceived according to your will, so that they may be horrifically tortured for all eternity because they choose the wrong religion or grew up in the wrong religion.  

About M. Rodriguez

When I first received Christ salvation, I made it a priority to read the whole bible and I did. But it was the Bible that made me question my faith. For I found it flawed and lacking. Due to this I launched a personal inquiry/investigation into my faith, and ultimately realized that the Christian God of the Bible was indeed man-made. Now I Blog about those findings and life after Christ.
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5 Responses to God’s Perfect Plan.

  1. ... Zoe ~ says:

    Thank you for sharing this email. It reminds me of years of study both personal and within the church. I tried to put myself back in my Christian years while reading this, or even the mindset of your pastor and wife. It’s difficult to look at all those points and reconcile them. Though as we know many Christians from various sects spend time doing just that.

  2. exrelayman says:

    An all powerful God is of course incoherent. For instance, having all knowledge, God lacks the ability to learn anything new – an ability which we have and God does not. Knowing the future, God lacks the ability to change it OR God could change it in which case S/h/it (She/he/it) didn’t really know the future UNLESS S/h/it knew it would change the future in which case S/h/it HAD to change the future in which case S/h/it LACKED THE POWER to avoid changing the future – is your head spinning yet? Incoherency will do that to ya.

    Combine this with invisibility, or hiddenness, and the power of early indoctrination to render the general populace immune from these considerations is indeed remarkable. Apologists will answer, to their complete satisfaction, any and all such objections. But once in a while, the brutal facts win over some of us no longer able to argue them away.

  3. Arkenaten says:

    Excellent, Marcus.
    Unfortunately because of this so simple, commonsense approach that should have every rational human being nodding in agreement, you will get ‘eaten alive’ by the William Lane Craig Groupies Club, and in a less aggressive but similar fashion, be chewed up and spat out by the more liberal Christians of the likes of Unklee, and Ignorantianescia.

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