The Greatest Evil About Religion

Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.” ~ Steven Weinberg,

Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions.” – Blaise Pascal

In all honesty I am not anti-religion in the sense I that I hate religion.  I actually enjoy the music, the fellowship, the comrardy, and the tradition.  There is a feeling of hope, community, and love that I miss about the religious community and going to church.  Which is something the atheist community flat out does not have.  And can’t compete with.

And for the most part moderate main stream religion is not that bad.  One atheist writer Chris Steadman, described it as a place of comfort during his time in High School when he was working through his sexuality  .In fact as I have mentioned in a previous post a co-worker described it as saving his son’s life.   Religion is not always bad, but when it is; –it’s atrocious.

But above all things, religion has been the biggest proponent in people committing evil acts and moral atrocities.  It is unparelled in religion that a person could justify killing a person and not feel an ounce of remores.  One Mistiaen Priest didn’t even know enslaving women was wrong, because his religion told him it was okay.  Without religion we would have never had the Salem Witch Trials, the Crusades, Jihad, or Religious Wars.  In the middle east, religion is the number one obstacle to ending child marriages.  It is without comparison that a person feels the most justified in committing evil and acts of de-humanism as when they do for their religion.  

About M. Rodriguez

When I first received Christ salvation, I made it a priority to read the whole bible and I did. But it was the Bible that made me question my faith. For I found it flawed and lacking. Due to this I launched a personal inquiry/investigation into my faith, and ultimately realized that the Christian God of the Bible was indeed man-made. Now I Blog about those findings and life after Christ.
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25 Responses to The Greatest Evil About Religion

  1. Noel says:

    I actually agree 100 % with this post. Religion is, in my opinion, a distraction from true life. But it could also be used as a tool to motivate us to do good, such as practicing compassion, mercy, and forgiveness.

    • Howie says:

      I agree as well. And Noel that’s a great point – I’ve met a lot of people who are motivated by their beliefs to practice compassion, mercy and forgiveness and that is a very nice thing to see.

      • What most people don’t realize is, is that you can do all of those things without religion. You don’t need religion to practice compassion, mercy, or forgiveness. If people can only do that with religion, then we live in a very sad world. Even the things the supposed Jesus said aren’t really that spectacular. The Golden Rule and Love thy neighbor as thyself are pretty common sense stuff.

  2. Bittersweet,
    Somehow Western keep preaching that “Atheism will replace religion”.
    Is it with Atheism, the human can practicing compassion, mercy, and forgiveness freely?

    And Atheist will replace religion in sense promoting compassion, mercy, and forgiveness.. How Atheist can create such foundation of ethics socially, nationally and individually?

    • M. Rodriguez says:

      Atheism will never replace religion. Because overall atheism can’t (and will probably never able to) compete with the sociatal glue, fellowship, and community of religion. So strong is the feeling of community. That even in CNN article of the six types of atheist. Was the atheist that practices religion. There are countless stories of atheist that still go to church and enjoy the fellowship even though they don’t believe an ounce of what is preached in the pulpit.

      I that I can understand why.

    • Even, I understand your critique are focus on your country. But as neutral commentary, I believe what Christian teach is wrong and my religion is considering a long- time enemy to Western religion.
      Still, I considering that this articles is is unfair and creating -ve impact to own society and social community. It just like resign from the whole school that producing bad student and doing nothing. But when the school is gone, everyone are more stupid.

  3. unkleE says:

    I am no fan of religion or church, and I agree much evil has been done in the name of religion. I think following Jesus is what is important.

    But Hitler and Stalin and Mao’s Cultural Revolution and Pol Pot did more evil and killed more people in the space of about 50 years than the church has done in 2000 years, and they were all atheists or pagans (Hitler). If Weinberg’s quote is true, the it should also say:

    “but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion, and for ordinary people to do really nasty things takes atheism”

    I personally don’t think that’s very fair, but that illustrates how unfair his quote is.

    • M. Rodriguez says:

      (Hitler was actually catholic.)

      I think whenever we mention pol pot, Mao or Stalin. We must ask ourselves two questions.

      1) what is more likely: that these were evil men who were going to commit atrocies no matter what OR they committed evil in the atheism?

      2) had they been religious, what is more likely…. they kill more people or they not kill at all?

      Just look at the above quote for answers. Religion would not have stopped them. Atheism would not have stopped them. They wanted power and were willing to kill for it. And they did it without the tool of religion.

      • unkleE says:

        Hi Marcus,

        I agree pretty much with all you say here. And it can equally be said about the religious atrocities committed by members of the church – powerful and ruthless men (yes, almost always men) use the power of the church/state to serve their own ends.

        So Weinberg’s statement is seen to be one-sided and therefore only partly true. Some people use the tool of the church/religion, some people use the tool of atheistic communism, other use the tool of patriotism, etc.

        PS Hitler may have been born Catholic, but his reported conversations show him to have been a neo Pagan.

      • M. Rodriguez says:

        hello Unklee,

        Let me also give u one personal example of how I have seen people use religion as justification for bigotry. About two months ago , I was in the break room at my job watching CNN, and they were reporting on the street beatings and persecution of gays in Russia. And while watchinig the news segment, they were showing gay russians being beat in the street in front of cameras. My Christian Friend BOB (thats not his real name) walked by while I was watching this. And asked me, What was going? I explained to him that the situation that was occuring in russia with the gay community. And that some were being beat in the street for holding up signs promoting and taking a stand for their homosexuality. His Reaction….. “God’s Law is Just” said Bob.

        Meaning, God hates homosexuality.

        Now I know this is not the case in every country. And not the case in australia or even in the majority of america. But it is that mindset, where if someone feels like they are on God’s side, then that is all the reason they need to justify their actions or anyother actions.

    • Arkenaten says:

      I don’t think we should single out religion or atheism as the cause of evil actions.

      That’s because nobody is on record as having killed because of atheism, but there are literally hundreds of examples where religion/god belief is cited as the reason for committing some rather nasty crimes.

      One need look no further than the bible for some stirring examples.

    • I wish that people could look at the real Jesus in the Bible and stop cherry picking from what he says. He says that lust is the same as adultery. He says that anger is the same as murder. Jesus is in full support of slavery. He also supports the terrible laws of the old testament, Matthew 5:17. Jesus sends demons into pigs and they crash off a cliff. If he was really the son of God, couldn’t he just cast the demons out without killing pigs in the process?

      • M. Rodriguez says:

        I think what we have here is a perfect example of selective christianity. We’re people pick and choose which versions of Christianity they wish to choose.

      • beinghuman123 says:

        Sorry if I misunderstood your comment, but are you saying that I’m cherry picking, or Christians are cherry picking? If it’s the latter, I agree with you 100 percent.

  4. Arkenaten says:

    But Hitler and Stalin and Mao’s Cultural Revolution and Pol Pot did more evil and killed more people in the space of about 50 years than the church has done in 2000 years, and they were all atheists or pagans (Hitler).

    I was just waiting with baited breath for someone to make an absolute prat of themself with the usual atheists killed more than the christians did comment.”
    And you have no idea how much I smiled when I saw it was you, unklee.
    When will religious people like you develop a modicum of humility and realise it is not a bloody numbers game and understand once and for all that the old stalwarts of Hitler, Mao, and Stalin killed because they were maniacs and not atheists.

    Do you never ever wonder why such self-righteous bullshit makes normal people despise most aspects of religion?
    For the record, your damn god liquidated almost all life on the planet save for one (soon to be ) incestuous boat family and continued in a similar vein throughout the Old Testament. Have you ever read this book, by the way?

    When it comes to being Not Really a Nice Guy, Yahweh beats humans hands down.

  5. Noel says:

    I don’t think we should single out religion or atheism as the cause of evil actions. Evil is the act of causing harm to others for the sole purpose of benefiting the self. But I wonder, doesn’t a true atheist believe that everything is relative, including “evil” acts?

    • M. Rodriguez says:

      Yes I would agree with you here noel, There are evil people in both genres. its not the belief that makes them evil, they already have that inside of them. An evil person will always seek their own self interest for power and money. However. I do think ORGANIZED RELIGION especially the older ones that were advocates of violence, do present a catalyst in giving the evil person justification for his or her actions.

      • Noel says:

        Rodriguez, I do understand that religion can sometimes be used to manipulate people into using violence, but religion itself (like atheism) does not cause people to be evil. Their own selfish nature does. In Christianity, a true follower of Jesus would be a peace maker, forgiver, enemy lover, and merciful.

  6. unkleE says:

    “But it is that mindset, where if someone feels like they are on God’s side, then that is all the reason they need to justify their actions or anyother actions.”

    I think this is true. And I think it can be generalised. Any point of view that is important to a person can encourage them to do things they mightn’t otherwise do, good or bad. This leads to certain corollaries:

    1. Religious belief can be a strong motivator for both good and evil. It is inaccurate to recognise the one without recognising the other.

    2. Atheism can be a strong motivator for some (just look at the vehemence of some comments on the web to see this), and it too can motivate people to good or evil.

    3. Other things can be the same – patriotism, environmentalism, even loyalty to a football team, with similar good and evil possible as a result.

    If this is true, I think isolating out just one aspect (the evil allowed or caused by religion) of a much more complex situation seems to me to be unfair and misleading.

    • Arkenaten says:

      If this is true, I think isolating out just one aspect (the evil allowed or caused by religion) of a much more complex situation seems to me to be unfair and misleading.

      Once more you purposely mislead.and attempt to whitewash your faith/religion.

      People commit atrocities or simple bad deeds in the name of religion all the time and assign either responsibility or reason to a god.
      Thus personal responsibility in the minds of such people is arrogated to the deity of their choice and thus justified.
      You are no doubt aware of Divine Command theory?
      This sick argument has been used by apologists for ages to justify the ( fictitious ) slaughter of the Canaanites.

      If there was no god or no religion then there would have been no reason to instigate the Crusades or the Islamic retaliations or the Inquisition or the decimation of indigenous peoples across the globe as the Spanish and Portuguese and other colonial powers spread Christianity largely from behind a sword , or the seemingly never-ending wars between Catholic and Protestant.

      Every single one of these actions included a religious component either in part or whole.

      People commit bad acts all the time, sad to say, but only the religious do it for a god.

      It really is time you acknowledged this and showed a little humility for those people who have been severely damaged because of belief in your silly man – god.

      If the Pope on behalf of the Catholic Church has enough balls to begin making apologies and (hopefully) reparations it shouldn’t be beneath somelike like you, unklee, as obtuse as you can be, to at least acknowledge the truth of such glaringly apparent truths.

  7. Arkenaten says:

    In Christianity, a true follower of Jesus would be a peace maker, forgiver, enemy lover, and merciful.

    But what Christians conveniently forget is that Christians consider Jesu is God.
    The Very same that created the universe and also wiped out most of the life in the planet with a Flood
    and also ordered Joshua to liquidate the Canaanites.

    If this is your idea of a loving God, Noel then give me Hannibal Lecter any day of the week.

  8. They claim that it is possible that there could be a universe created by a deity that could have creatures of free will who do not choose evil. God could have chosen not to permit those humans to be conceived that god knew in advance of their conception would use their free will to choose and to do evil. The deity, God, might permit only those fetuses to develop that creator deity, God, knew in advance would lead to the birth and life of basically good person who would avoid choosing to do evil.

  9. Gold Price says:

    The theory of karma holds that good acts result in pleasure and bad acts with suffering. Thus it accepts that there is suffering in the world, but maintains that there is no undeserved suffering, and in that sense, no evil. The obvious objection that people sometimes suffer misfortune that was undeserved is met with by coupling karma with reincarnation , so that such suffering is the result of actions in previous lifetimes.

  10. People really should read their Bible more. It continues to stun me how much people ignore most aspects of the Bible. These are the same people who point to the Koran and say how evil it is, when the Bible has the same atrocities in it. The God of the old testament wiped out the entire world, except for one family. This same God killed first born infants to prove a point. This same God killed Job’s entire family. Let’s not forget that God told Abraham to kill his son Isaac. Once you tell people of these horrible incidents, they always move to the new testament, which isn’t much better in my opinion. With all of these things, you think people would realize that this is a book written by primitive men.

    Jesus says that he is in full support of the old testament, Matthew 5.17.

  11. Kendal says:

    I always saw religion and Islam in particular as a mental illness to begin with, so seeing evil acts committed in the name of a faith and that can even include a former believer being shunned by family or friends is no shock to me.

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