God, the Meaningless Topic

God is the above and beyond everything; God is the unmovable mover; God is the first and the last, …..God is the Married Bachelor.  God is the living contradiction.

Too many times I have listened to people describe God as an irrelevant impossible contradiction.

When the laymen or the philosopher describes God as being Transcendent and Eternal; they are also describing God as being intangible, nontemporal, timeless, invisible and spiritual.  Which to me means, God is impractical and useless.  When reading this description of god I can’t help but conclude:  What’s the difference between that and non-existing?  Wouldn’t it just be easier to call God, a concept or a feeling?  When we describe God as such, we reduce the existence of a transcendent eternal God to an inconsistent and incoherent concept.  That God is really an incoherent explanation of nothing.

One of the final arguments I usually hear from theistic proponents of God is that God is unknowable.  That in order for someone to say that God does not exist, they would have to know everything, because God is Unknown and Unknowable.  For no one can know the mind of God.

I find this to be also a very obtuse description of a Transcendent-Eternal-Infinite God, because this argument only makes sense if a theist openly admits in the beginning of an argument, that they could also be absolutely wrong about all concepts of God, because God is unknowable.

It is really odd that a theist or a Christian will say that God is unknown/unknowable and claim that nobody can know the mind of God, but still make religious claims about the character and will of God.  It’s just really out of place that a religion or a church will say that god is incomprehensible to man but believe with certainty and knowledge that they know and worship the one true God, but all others not just have no knowledge of God, but also worship the wrong god.  Is it not contradictory that a person can say they know God and have a personal relationship with God, but in the same breath say God is Unknown and Unknowable? (Is God Eternal? Is God Transcendent?)

Over the centuries, the definition of God has dwindled, changed and evolved into something that is ultimately meaningless to the common man.  As one YouTube blogger put it:  Theist and Christians definitions of God have become so vague and meaningless, you could call God SNARF, and it would take nothing away from the conversation.

As one blog post implied, the idea and notion of believing in God is comparable to shopping to Walmart.  That in believing in God it has disintegrated to the point that God is whatever you choose whom to be.  You can pick your God, like you pick your groceries.

My personal favorite definitions of God are as follows:

God is nature…. Translation: God is a Tree.

God is beauty….. Translation: God is really my wife because she is smoking HOT!!!

God is love…..Translation: God is an emotional response to when my body produces Oxytocin causing me to feel a tingling feeling in my pants when I see a pretty girl, I mean my wife.

God is Literature….. Translation: God is Harry Potter

God is everywhere…. Translation: God is either Air or DarkMatter.  You pick.

God is within us……. Translation:  God is the internal working of my organs and bodily fluids that will someday fail me in my old age.

People create gods more or less exactly as they want them to be.” -(An Infinity of Gods, By Skeptical Avenger)

Then there are responses…. that say we can never know God.  God is unknowable and unmeasurable. If this is so; then when a believer uses such a vague definition of God then they are just reassuring me of what I have already concluded about God….God is a vague concept of meaningless that changes at the whim of whoever I am talking to.

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About M. Rodriguez

When I first received Christ salvation, I made it a priority to read the whole bible and I did. But it was the Bible that made me question my faith. For I found it flawed and lacking. Due to this I launched a personal inquiry/investigation into my faith, and ultimately realized that the Christian God of the Bible was indeed man-made. Now I Blog about those findings and life after Christ.
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15 Responses to God, the Meaningless Topic

  1. Neil Rickert says:

    May I recommend He is Everywhere. I think you will enjoy it as much as I did (assuming you know a least a tad of chemistry).

    What’s the difference between that and non-existing?

    Yes, that’s about it. We should just live our lives as best we can. The “God” question is an irrelevance.

  2. Thanks for the link! Well said.

  3. unkleE says:

    Hi Marcus, and happy new year! I think you are right – the God of the philosophers can be very much a meaningless entity. That is why christians believe we know God best in Jesus – a living, breathing, flesh and blood, touchable and historical character. If we have “seen” him (even in his biographies) we have seen God. Best wishes.

    • M. Rodriguez says:

      Happy new year unklee. Always happy to receive a comment from you

    • Arkenaten says:


      That is why christians believe we know God best in Jesus – a living, breathing, flesh and blood, touchable and historical character. If we have “seen” him (even in his biographies) we have seen God.

      Your comments always come across as if those you are addressing – atheists – have no concept of what your Personal God (Jesus) is all about, quite forgetting that pretty much ALL of these people were once upon a time in exactly the same position as you are now;
      Marcus, Nate, Howie, Archaeopteryx, Ken etc etc and yet you address them with your christian rhetoric as if you are presenting something profoundly new that we (they) could not possibly be aware of.

      This is indicative of willful ignorance of the atheist hosts you visit and somewhat rude that you would not bother to understand this; suggesting that when you write (say) “we” you are part of some exclusive club that only the privileged few have access to.

      Sorry, unklee, let me enlighten you. It’s a case of been there, got the (god)T-shirt and returned it because it smelled funny and didn’t fit.

  4. It was this exact problem that has caused me to question everything. The final little tid-bits of my beliefs floated away and there was nothing left of my “God construct” that was tangible. He cannot be both unknowable and capable of a personal relationship. Great post, well put!

    • M. Rodriguez says:

      And right there is a PERFECT example of why when people describe God it comes off as completely meaningless. Because what God has been reduced down to is a incoherent thought

  5. makagutu says:

    Hey brother, brilliant. I have use for that quote in a post I wrote last night and am gonna borrow it.

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  7. Arkenaten says:

    One of your best ones, Marcus. Excellent. Made me laugh out loud!

  8. Thanks for your blog.

    I’m sure you’re sincere, because it wouldn’t make sense for you to have so many blog posts about these kinds of topics and not be sincere.

    But your post “seems” disingenuous. Almost as if the most basic God-attribute — the one that answers this question from a theistic perspective — is unknown to you. It’s like an argument without an acknowledgement that someone has an answer for that.

    Or it could be that you don’t believe in life beyond three dimensions/realms. Which is possible! If you get a chance, please reply to that, because if you don’t believe in existence beyond three dimensions, that notion would answer a lot of questions for me. (Although I’d ask you to consider that insects know nothing of the Internet and many cultures have no word for “dark matter” although we know that those facets of reality actually do exist; ditto dimensions/realms that humans are unaware of can completely exist outside our knowledge and experience).

    Anyway, the basic God-attribute I referenced earlier. God is transcendent. It’s not that He’s completely unknowable, since we do know some things about him, as revealed in Scripture. It just means we don’t know him in full. Whoever told you he’s completely unknowable should go back to Sunday School.

    The descriptions people use, the anthropomorphisms they employ, is for the purpose of explaining an infinite God to finite humans. I’m sure when apes converse with each other, they describe us humans in a very simplistic way that doesn’t come close to capturing who we are. Things like this speak to the limitations of the former, not the latter.

    If you read this far, thanks.

    • avengah says:

      …No. You committed a logical fallacy of the appeal to authority (in this case, the bible). You don’t know anything about any god, because you can’t prove the bible is true (newsflash: it isn’t). If the buy-bull had been proven true then we’d all have converted. No-one has been able to prove any religion true. I wonder why?

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