Book Reviews

The Format for my Book Reviews:

The Format for my book reviews are very simple.  There is an introduction which pretty much gives a high level overview of what the Book is about.  A section on Pros and Cons. And lastly a Final Thought which is just a conclusion of opinion of what I think about the book and if I would recommend it.

In every book, there are good parts and bad parts; and in knowing that it will give those a glimpse of what is good about a book and and what is not so good.  My Book Reviews are setup this way, because when I am looking into a book review I want to know is this a book worth buying?  And is it a book worth reading?

Christian Books

The Case for Christ By Lee Strobel

Mere Christianity By C.S. Lewis

The Bible in Translation By Bruce M. Metzger


Atheist Books

Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher became One of America’s Leading Atheist By Dan Barker

Letter to a Christian Nation By Sam Harris

God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything By Christopher Hitchens

2 Responses to Book Reviews

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  2. Paul Bibeau says:

    I’ve been following your blog while writing my novel -The Black Book Of Children’s Bible Stories. Your writing on the definition of inerrancy and of inspiration was very useful. There is a free giveaway of my book tomorrow, 9/24. I think you might find it interesting. It’s about many of the issues you’re dealing with. I guess I’m dealing with them too. Sorry to contact you this way, but I don’t have email. Mine is in case you have questions. Thanks.

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