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Church without God — by design

We all need community and fellowship, even the unbeliever.

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Scriptural Reasoning

Go to Main Menu, Bonus topic for my series: Reasoning with Faith, Religion, and Atheism Scriptural Reasoning (SR) is a growing academic field of study, because it is a relatively young philosophical field of thought.  In some academic circular it is … Continue reading

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The Tiresomeness of Going to Church as an Atheist

I asked Limey from the Confessions of a Y.E.C. Blog to do a contribution post on the topic of dealing with emotional tiresomeness of going to church as an atheist.  I asked him because I can already feel the emotional … Continue reading

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My BitterSweet Weekend -Part 4

So on the Second Day of this two-day conference, all the kids were really excited, because the conference ended early at like 11:30 AM and we were going to the beach afterwards. So we had the rest of the day to … Continue reading

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My BitterSweet Weekend -Part 3

Later on at the Conference there was separate meeting for us Youth Leaders and Youth Pastors.  In the leaders’ meeting I met several other youth leaders and pastors from local churches that are part of our same Calvary Chapel denomination. … Continue reading

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My BitterSweet Weekend -Part 2

Now one of my fears about the Youth Conference  we attended last weekend was that the sermons would be of complete disinterest to me.  I thought because of my unbelief I would no longer be interested in anything the preachers … Continue reading

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My BitterSweet WeekEnd -Part 1

So this past weekend, was the youth conference for our church.  It was held at another Church much larger than ours and  about an hour south of us. Going into this conference, I had mixed feelings.  Even though I knew … Continue reading

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