Christian (Apologetic) Sources

“A young man who wishes to remain a sound atheist cannot be too careful of his reading.” -C. S. Lewis

Christian Apologetic Research Ministry (C.A.R.M)

Countering Alleged Bible Contradictions {}

Reasonable Faith by World Renown Christian Apologist, Theologian, and Philosopher- Dr. William Lane Craig.  It Contains Debates, Interviews, Podcast, Apologetic Lesson Plans, Scholarly Articles, and a Q&A session forum for all the tough questions.

Contradicting Bible Contradictions

Theopedia, An Encyclopedia of Christianity

TektonEducation and Apologetics Minsitry

Christian Doubt                                                                                                                                   —General Blog                                                                                                                                   Listing of Papyri                                                                                                                              Listing of Debates

Is there a God?

ShareFaith: The Complete Ministry Solutions. {A Basic Guide to Articles on Christian Apologetics}

Evidence for God {}-Most popular subjects:

Christian Colligation of Apolgetics Debate Research & Evangelism (CADRE)

Rational Christianity (With answers on Misunderstood Bible Difficulties) (*This is actually an non-christian website, but they attempt to take the alleged bible Contradictions from the Skepics Annoted Bible and answer the accusation with reason, rationality, and apologetics.)

4Truth (Section on Bible)

Minutes with the Messiah

263 Theological Questions & Answers brought to you by Credo House Ministries

The Way?Following Jesus into the 21st Century

Apologetics Resources by Subject Robert M. Bowman, Jr

Apologetic Resources: Apologetics, Evidence, and Worldviews {Apologetic Studies/Resources by Doy Moyer}

Apologetics Press, Inspiration of the Bible or Alleged Discrepancies

Christian Answers with emphasis on Topics such as Biblical InerrancyArchaeologyInspirationBible ContradictionsInfallible, and the Accuracy of the Bible.

Apologetics Resource Center {Veritas: Introductory Articles by Craig Branch for Areopagus Journal}

Associates for Biblical Research –Biblical Archaeology Research & General Apologetics

Christian Research Institute

Institute for Creation Research

The Poached Egg

Catholic Teen Apologetics

Boyd’s (Abridged) Handbook of Practical Apologetics

works by nt wright

The key to proving that God exists (poem)


I cannot prove that God exists.

I can point to Him,

flashing signs, arrows, waving arms,

words, actions, groans,

but if you really want to know,

you have to look for yourself

to find out if He is who He says He is who I say He is.

Search for Him.

I can only point to Him because I am not the Person you are looking for.

He is.

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  1. bookmarked!!, I really like your blog!

  2. I think this internet site has some really great information for everyone. “In this world second thoughts, it seems, are best.” by Euripides.

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