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What are the Different Types of Reasoning?

So I did a post series a while back on Reasoning as it applies to Faith, Religion, Christianity, Philosophy, and Atheism.  It is a high level overview of all the different types of methods of reasoning and how they apply … Continue reading

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Reasoning with Faith, Religion, and Atheism…Circular Reasoning (Part 2)

Go to Main Menu or Start at the Introductory Page Circular Reasoning To most circular reasoning is more of a logical fallacy than a valid argument.  This is assumed so because circular reasoning resembles that of the Begging the Question Fallacy.  The … Continue reading

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Reasoning with Faith, Religion, and Atheism…Introduction to Reasoning (Part 1)

Introduction to Reasoning TABLE of CONTENTS for Reasoning with Faith, Religion, and Atheism Part 1.- Introduction to Reasoning and Fallacious Reasoning Part 2.- Circular Reasoning Part 3.- Analogical Reasoning Part 4.- Reductive Reasoning Part 5.- Abductive Reasoning Part 6.- Inductive … Continue reading

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