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The Death of God

I remember somewhere in the middle of my journey into extinguishing my skepticism and doubt I came across the Phrase, “God is Dead.”  It caught me off guard, because it was such a bold statement.  Bold that such a person would … Continue reading

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NASA Completes 52-Year Mission To Find and Locate God

WASHINGTON—After more than five decades of tireless work, brave exploration, and technological innovation aimed at a single objective, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced Wednesday that it had finally completed its mission to find and kill God. NASA officials … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to Religous Dogma

So I remember listening to this song on the radio a while back, I remember thinking how much it captivated how I felt at that moment about leaving God, Religion, and Christianity.  That even though it was nice and I enjoyed … Continue reading

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