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Top Christian Apologist

1. William Lane Craig Dr. Craig is probably the most famous modern-day apologist in the world.  He currently runs the Reasonable Faith podcast and website.  He holds several degrees in divinity and theology and currently holds a research professor of philosophy … Continue reading

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Questions for the Christian

Questions for the Christian presented by Brenda from Left Christianity via Why Christianity? Why the Bible? A while back I put up a YouTube post about Ravi Zacharias talking about Why the Bible and Christianity were unique for belief.  And Brenda respond with a questionnaire that … Continue reading

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Worshipping a Hidden God

The Hiddenness of God!!! “God being thus hidden, any religion that does not say God is hidden is not true, and any religion that does not explain why [God is hidden] does not instruct.” –Blaise Pascal How can one worship an invisible … Continue reading

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Why the Bible? Why Christianity?

This is Ravi Zacharias on why Christianity is the true religion.  And what make Christianity and the Bible unique over all the other world religions. And these are some of the same things I have said to people on why they should … Continue reading

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