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Being in a Mixed marriage Christian-Atheist, the issues that come up, and overcoming the issues of dogma

One of the common struggles of a newly de-converted believer is his/her relationship with their believing spouse.  So I asked Limey from the Confessions of a Y.E.C. Blog to give a little of his background, experiences, and advise for one … Continue reading

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In My Search for Objective Truth

To evaluate the christian apologetic answers.  In the never ending search for objective reasonable truth, and not all possible truth. “For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as … Continue reading

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A Milestone Post

I thought this would be a great time to do a Milestone Post, considering I have just passed 20,000 views, and just published over 100 blog posts and have gathered a following of just over 100 followers, and over 1,500 … Continue reading

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A Purpose Filled Blog

“Am I willing to wield the scalpel of truth to my own biases to find the truth?” quote by imbrocata For a while now I have had the phrase, “Taking a Scalpel to Faith, ” as my tagline on my … Continue reading

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Reasoning with Faith, Religion, and Atheism…Inductive Reasoning (Part 6)

Go to Main Menu or Start at the Introductory Page Inductive Reasoning Inductive reasoning is a form of inference argumentation that uses analogies, examples, observations, and experiences to form conclusive propositions.  It is used mostly to explain properties and relations to … Continue reading

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In my quest for TRUTH

I am always pondering and dwelling on what is truth, and the search for the truth.  Being a Christian, the truth is our Bible.  Truth is the word of God…..But what makes that truth. Being a believer for the last … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

After my last post about the Christian vs. Atheist debate, it got me thinking.  I have read several atheist blogs and Youtube videos and I have noticed several common traits. Almost all the atheist blogs, use the argument of science … Continue reading

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