Bible Difficulties and Contradictions

This is my list of Bible Difficulties, with research in reviewing the apologetic answers.

Disclaimer:  These contradictions are not the things that caused me to no longer believe in Christianity.  But they were a stepping stone to cause me to think that the Bible is not inerrant.  Also, as you get deeper into the difficulties, the amount of research and time I spent into them, becomes greater.  Because the very first few, I didn’t put as much time reviewing all the apologetic answers and sources.

Bible Difficulty #1:  Is John the Baptist the Elijah?

Bible Difficulty #2: Did Jesus Misquote the Bible?

Bible Difficulty #3: Who is the greatest in the Bible?

Bible Difficulty #4: Did Michal daughter of Saul have any children?

Bible Difficulty #5: The Genesis 6:3 Problem

Bible Difficulty #6: Why are the Gospels written in Third Person if they are considered Eye-Witness accounts?

Bible Difficulty #7: Where did people come from? and Who did Cain Marry?

Bible Difficulty #8: Is Biblical Inerrancy, Biblical? Does Inspiration imply inerrancy?

Bible Difficulty #9:  Why are there no Early N. T. Manuscripts written in Aramaic or Hebrew, since that is the primary language Jesus spoke and the region of all the miracles he performed? 

Bible Difficulty #10: Did Apostle John and Apostle Peter write their epistles, considering the Bible calls them illiterate? 

Bible Difficulty #11: Is the God of the Bible Confused?

Bible Difficulty #12: Is the Bible God’s Perfect Word?

Bible Difficulty #13: If the Law of God is Perfect, Why a New Covenant, if the first Law was Perfect?

Bible Difficulty #14: Does God measure up to his own biblical standard of perfect? 

Bible Difficulty #15: Jesus’ Genealogy?

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  1. Bohemian Pig says:

    Hey…Bohemian Pig here again…check out John Shelby Spong for an interesting view. Good books to read are “Jesus for the Nonreligious” and “Liberating the Gospels”…just a suggestion for perusal as you go through this!!!

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