Guest/Contribution Post

Some Thoughts on the Inspiration of the Bible By Unklee- He is a Christian who does not believe that the bible is inerrant.  In this post he examines the doctrine of inerrancy and inspiration and gives his opinion how the human perception of biblical inspiration is flawed.

Why the Bible must be Inerrant By Nate- Nate was a former fundamentalist christian gives his opinion on why the doctrine of inerrancy is biblical and how it negatively affects the validity of the bible.

Overcoming an Unequal Yoke by TCC- This post is about the journey of a mixed atheist-christian marriage with kids.  And a little bit of a background story into TCC’s mixed marriage and some of the issues he deals with.

Being in a Mixed marriage Christian-Atheist, the issues that come up, and overcoming the issues of dogma by Limey- Limey talks about his deconversion and his walk away from religion and how it all has affected his marriage.  In the article he says he recommends that we should take religion out of marriage and that we should stand up against nonsense.

The Tiresomeness of Going to Church as an Atheist by Limey- He talks about the emotional toll of going to church as an unbelieving atheist.  And how it affects him emotionally when he does go to church with his Christian wife.

2 Responses to Guest/Contribution Post

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  2. Miklos Jako says:

    Hello, M. Rodriguez,
    I just came across your site. I’m too involved with other projects right now, but I plan to return to your site in the months ahead and read and maybe interact more. I think you, and people visiting your site, would find the material I’ve posted on YouTube very useful. I’ve had in-depth discussions with Peter Kreeft, Hank Hanegraaff, Dan Barker, Dennis McKinsey, etc. I like your honesty and common sense. I traveled roughly the same path you have, out of Christianity. though I have arrived at “soft theism” instead of atheism. I think you are right on the money in focusing on the Bible and what is actually in there, in order to make a good decision. If you put my name — Miklos Jako — into the YouTube search box, all my material comes up. I’ve spent my life dedicated to finding out what the truth is about religion.

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