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Christian Doubt by Dr. William Lane Craig

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The Genesis 6:3 Problem?

Contradiction #5 Genesis 6:3 “Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans [man] forever, for they are mortal [flesh]; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.” Now if you ask the majority of Christians about … Continue reading

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What if the Atheist is Wrong?

After reading many Atheist & Agnostic blogs I have noticed several common questions they get from Believers & Christians. WHAT IF YOUR WRONG?  What after you die, instead of just being dead, you are before God and about to be judged … Continue reading

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Who is the Best Atheist Debater?

I would like to hear from the Atheist Community on who is a good Atheist Skeptic on Christianity & the Bible?  I want to know…   *Update: Here is my Top Ten List of who I would describe as the most convincing atheist/agnostic … Continue reading

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Who is the Best Christian Apologist?

I would like to hear from the everybody(Christian Community) on who is the best apologist?  I want to know, who is good apologist I can study up on to answer some of my questions?   *Update:  Here is My Top … Continue reading

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Doubt vs Faith

I thought this would be the best expression of how I feel at times.  This pictures really hits it. Faith sometimes, even though I have it sometimes seems so backwards, and upside downs.It does not always make sense to me.  But … Continue reading

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What kind of Morality is that? Is God Evil?

While I was doing my own studying, I came across this context of Scriptures.  2 Samuel 21:1-10.  And it really disturbed me. The Gibeonites Avenged  1 During the reign of David, there was a famine for three successive years; so David … Continue reading

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Praying the Storm Away

A Women attempts to Praying the storm away, she is calling upon God’s name and Jesus name.  (This is on the CNN website.)

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