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Reasoning with Faith, Religion, and Atheism…Circular Reasoning (Part 2)

Go to Main Menu or Start at the Introductory Page Circular Reasoning To most circular reasoning is more of a logical fallacy than a valid argument.  This is assumed so because circular reasoning resembles that of the Begging the Question Fallacy.  The … Continue reading

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Reasoning with Faith, Religion, and Atheism…Introduction to Reasoning (Part 1)

Introduction to Reasoning TABLE of CONTENTS for Reasoning with Faith, Religion, and Atheism Part 1.- Introduction to Reasoning and Fallacious Reasoning Part 2.- Circular Reasoning Part 3.- Analogical Reasoning Part 4.- Reductive Reasoning Part 5.- Abductive Reasoning Part 6.- Inductive … Continue reading

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The Good News #Epic Fail

I first saw this video on Debunking Christianity, and I had to re-post it.  This video really show the backwards mercy and justice of God, of the conditions of heaven and hell.  (Especially as it applies to the Evangelical Christian.)

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Free-thought Blogs Vs. Skeptic Blogs

There is a new community of atheist blogs called Skeptic Blogs.  It is the new counterpart to Free-Thought Blogs, with a lighter touch much more friendly to the doubting christian.  Free-Thought blogs is much more geared towards the atheist, and … Continue reading

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Why I Am An Atheist (and why I feel it’s so important)

I came across this post this morning, and let me just say it flat out blew me away.

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To Baby Dedicate or To Not

So our newborn baby girl is a few months old, and we never got around to doing a baby dedication.  And I have already let my wife know I am not really for the idea of doing a baby dedication. … Continue reading

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Bible Study with the Wife

So the Wife came up with the idea, of going through the entire bible together over the course of a year.  I generally try to avoid all religious topics and questions unless she brings it up.  So at first was … Continue reading

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My First Introduction into Logic

“Logic is the anatomy of thought.” – John Locke So here is my introduction into how I first learned of Logic.  So there I was first day of upper-level mathematics.  MGF 3301 — Bridge to Abstract Mathematics.  I was a … Continue reading

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A compilation study on Inerrancy

For anybody who has been following my blog for longer than two months, knows that I have spent a large portion of my time blogging and researching about the inerrancy of the bible.  I have done about a dozen post … Continue reading

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Biblical Inerrancy vs. Biblical Infallibility

Definitions of infallibility differ widely. In common speech, ‘infallibility‘ can refer to a person (or a group of persons), to an act of teaching by these persons, or to the information being taught.  Infallibility is sometimes used to refer to … Continue reading

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