Hello my name is M. Rodriguez.  I have been married for several years with two kids in my late 20’s.  (When I first opened up this blog I went by thebiblereader, so if you end going through the archives of this blog that’s me too.)

Initially this blog was opened up so I could quench my questions of doubt.  It was a Christian struggle in my journey to find reasonable faith.  However in my journey to find reasonable answers to these Bible difficulties/contradictions.  I ended up taking a scalpel to my faith and the bible and evaluating my own faith.  (Why I am no longer a Christian)  I found that the bible was a book written by man and inspired by man.  And that the notion of not just a Christian God contradictory but also a personable God was far too contradictory and illogical for anyone to believe.

The first year of this blog the majority of post are on the topic of me trying to reconcile my faith with reason and the question of: Is the Bible Inerrant?  And I have a whole page dedicated to that study, because I spent so much time on that.

So Begins my road to the bitter sweet end.

After coming to the conclusion that Christianity is far too fallacious to be believable.  Then in late June of 2011, I could no longer hold onto faith for the sake of faith.  I had to tell my wife (that is still a work in progress), my pastor (that was an awkward conversation), and had to resign from my position of leadership at the church as youth leader.  I still do go to church with my wife as a way of keeping the peace, but I’m not even sure if that would work.

If you would like to glimpse into how far my journey has been check out my very first post…So it Begins.

*You can listen to my de-conversion story on the A Matter of Doubt Podcast, here or Check my top ten favorite post.

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  1. rosross says:

    Questioning faith of any kind is crucial if one is to move from a child’s view, that which is learned as a child, to an adult’s view, that which makes sense to us as an adult. The important thing to remember is that many people who discard their religion also discard their spirituality when there is no need. Religions can and should contain spirituality but often do not; spirituality can work with religion but has no need to. We are spiritual beings at core and religion is merely one, simplified and constructed way of expressing that spirituality. I gave up religion a long time ago but stick with God(nothing to do with God as described in most religions) and my spirituality. Your path is not easy but following our truth is what we are meant to do – wherever it may lead. What feels right to you is right for you. Good luck.

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  3. befuddled2 says:

    First off, let me thank you for following my blog. I appreciate that you found it of interest enough to do so.

    Next let me just say that what you have done here in regards to making such a radical change in your beliefs is very commendable. To look at your beliefs honestly and openly and then to follow where that examination of them leads you takes a great deal of courage and integrity. Especially since you seem to have been a committed and strongly believing Christian.

    Let me just wish you the best in regards to your marriage. I know that this must be a great challenge for the both of you (and probably your kids). While difficult I have known of couples who have made this work. My atheist daughter is married to a Catholic and so far, after six years, it seems to be working still. It took a great deal of compromise and working together to find solutions, but it seems to be worth it for the both of them and I do not see either of them having to give up or hide their beliefs.

    I plan to come back when I have more time and read some more of your blogs. They do look to be very interesting and informative.

  4. Noel says:

    Rodriguez, this is a very intriguing blog, and I applaud you for taking such a bold step in your life. I can identify partly with your experience. About two years ago, I started reading the 5th chapter of Matthew, and began to perceive it in a different way. You see, I was raised Catholic, then converted to Protestant, I visited several churches including Methodist and Baptist, but now I don’t go to any church. My wife has also been disillusioned with the church, but she still holds on to many traditional Christian beliefs. We have both been disillusioned and discouraged by hypocrisies and self-serving pastors that were just deceiving us. I consider myself a Reflective Christian at the present moment. I no longer believe the Bible is the infallible word of God, although it can be very inspiring. I no longer believe the Christian church in necessarily the only way to knowing God. Jesus , I believe, is a great example of who God is, and he may as well be His Son, but I also believe He wasn’t the only One. Any of us can reach His level of anointment if we so desire (He said it himself “You will do greater things”) To summarize it, I can understand your views somehow. My wife still talks about wanting to return to church, specially for the children, but I honestly don’t know how to approach this subject. I used to try to encourage her myself, but now it is different. My journey continues. Thanks and wish you the best in your journey. Hope to continue to share ideas and experiences.

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  6. Pierre Badenhorst says:

    well done, the same has happened to me, its great to be free. and you know what, im still a good person looking to only spread good and love in this world.

  7. Waw! Atheism has actually become fashion nowadays. Did you look into other religions or Christianity ruined it for all?

    Would like to keep into contact with you… to see where you are coming from. I’ am from the Islamic belief.


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