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Need Advice

So I am trying to decide how to tell my wife, that I no longer believe in Christianity.  That I no longer believe in the divine inspiration and authority of the Bible. Let me give a little contextual background on … Continue reading

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Expression of Unbelief

For the most part this entire process has been nearly painless.  (Which is probably due to the reason that I have not told a soul except my sister.)  Yeah there have been a few restless nights, with me tossing and turning … Continue reading

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My BitterSweet Weekend -Part 4

So on the Second Day of this two-day conference, all the kids were really excited, because the conference ended early at like 11:30 AM and we were going to the beach afterwards. So we had the rest of the day to … Continue reading

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My BitterSweet Weekend -Part 3

Later on at the Conference there was separate meeting for us Youth Leaders and Youth Pastors.  In the leaders’ meeting I met several other youth leaders and pastors from local churches that are part of our same Calvary Chapel denomination. … Continue reading

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My BitterSweet Weekend -Part 2

Now one of my fears about the Youth Conference  we attended last weekend was that the sermons would be of complete disinterest to me.  I thought because of my unbelief I would no longer be interested in anything the preachers … Continue reading

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My BitterSweet WeekEnd -Part 1

So this past weekend, was the youth conference for our church.  It was held at another Church much larger than ours and  about an hour south of us. Going into this conference, I had mixed feelings.  Even though I knew … Continue reading

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What does it mean to admit the bible has errors?

  “[Christians] believe that the God who created the universe is capable of writing [and maintaining] a book. And the God who is perfect is capable of writing a perfect book. The issue is not simply “Does the Bible have a … Continue reading

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J.P. Moreland

J.P. Moreland on Logic and the Bible And in that in spite of all logic and reasoning, many Christians will still deny rationality for blind faith.  I support faith in Yahweh my God, but not if it requires me to dumb myself down. 

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Originally posted on …meie igapäevast IT'd anna meile igapäev…:
I don’t believe in evolution. I can hear what you are thinking: Is he an idiot or something? Even though he has an MSc in animal ecology and…

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What is more important: A Well Thought Out Conclusion or Faith?

Now this is an important question in apologetics to me, as it relates to answering the question of the Bible, Religion, God, Biblical Morality, and Bible Difficulties.   Which is a more valuable tool –A Well Thought Out Conclusion/Decision or Faith? “Trust … Continue reading

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The Atheist Challenge on the Matter of Doubt Podcast

The Atheist Challenge: 10 Questions for Atheists In this episode of A Matter of Doubt guest Andy joins us as we respond to a listener’s challenge. The author of The Bittersweet End Christian blog sent us an email suggesting we take his Atheist Challenge, … Continue reading

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Is Biblical Inerrancy, Biblical? Does Inspiration imply inerrancy?

Bible Difficulty #8 “Biblical inerrancy is not a doctrine that can be proven by an a posteriori deductive argument. It is a position that is accepted a priori, on faith, and not by reason. The many Biblical and historical references that support inerrancy are completely valid … Continue reading

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Facing the Truth

So Nate from Finding Truth called me out last week on my own blog: he said…“I’m not even sure that calling you a theist is even all that accurate at this point…” And I replied to him saying…“i still consider … Continue reading

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What is Biblical Infallibility?

So I did a post on what is inerrancy a while back.  And a few people liked it.  But after I did a few more post on the issue of inerrancy, I realized I would also need to do a post … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts, Links, and Sources on Inerrancy and Inspiration

Survey of the Belief of biblical inerrancy in the U.S.: On 2007-MAY-25, Gallup reported the results of a national poll on Biblical inerrancy. Those polled were asked which of three statements comes closest to describing their personal views about the … Continue reading

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Worshipping a Hidden God

The Hiddenness of God!!! “God being thus hidden, any religion that does not say God is hidden is not true, and any religion that does not explain why [God is hidden] does not instruct.” –Blaise Pascal How can one worship an invisible … Continue reading

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My Faith: Returning to church, despite my doubts

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Bible Study on Atheism

One Day while preparing a blog post on Reasoning & Inductive Bible Studies I came across a web-page that prepared an (inductive) bible study on Atheism and what the Bible says about Atheist.  The Bible Study tool was prepared by … Continue reading

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The History of Inerrancy

“The doctrine of the inspiration of Scripture does not stand in the relationship of a priori but a posteriori in our theology. The doctrine of verbal inspiration is not the basis of our systematic theology and is not the major … Continue reading

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A Brief Summary of the different types of Apologetics

So in this endeavor of questioning my faith.  I’ve spent a significant amount of time going to apologetic websites and blogs.  MVWcreative is a blog that did a short explanation on the seven forms of Apologetics.  (Now just as a reminder, his … Continue reading

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