15 Question Atheist Ice Breaker

I saw this questionnaire on the Bold Questions Blog, and it was also cited on the Everyday Infidel blog.  I thought this was a good questionnaire, because it is designed around introducing yourself in a light-hearted fashion.

1. At what point did you know you were an atheist? Why did you become one, what were the factors leading up to the decision, if you weren’t always one?

I don’t think I have an exact moment of admitting or coming to the acceptance of atheism, but I do have a moment of realization, of no personal God of the Bible. And that was one day driving home from work and realizing that there is no all loving personable God watching over me, and that was a scary thought. As for when I became an atheist, I usually count from when I told my wife, which is July of 2012.

As to what led to my de-conversion,there were many things which led me to conclude that the God of the Bible wasn’t real.But as what led me into the journey was bible contradictions.

2. What religion did you grow up with? Did you have positive or negative experiences with religion?

Growing up in New Jersey, I went to a Baptist church, but when I moved to florida in High School, I attended, a more nondenominational church. And yes, my experience as a christian, was very positive. I was very content in my faith.

3. Are you a more outspoken or more apathetic atheist? Why?

I would say, I am apathetic and very passive when it comes to my atheism, I am still getting used to my skin.

4. Do you think religion is obsolete and should be wiped completely off the face of the Earth, or does some good come out of it?

You know I am undecided, on this topic, I plan on reading God is Not Great, by Christopher Hitchens, to come to more of a conclusion on this. I might even consider reading the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.

5. Did you lose any friends because you decided to be an atheist? Did your family flip out?

Not yet, I say mostly not yet, because I am not a fully out of the closet atheist, I would describe it as peeking out of the closet. And also because I am not outspoken or bold about it; If I was, then it would probably be a different story.

6. How do you feel about so-called “militant atheists” such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris?

Undecided as of so far, but the new atheism movement does make many valid points on the lack of usefulness and dangers of religion

7. Except for God, do you believe in anything supernatural or pseudoscientific? (Ghosts, alien abductions, spirits, souls, demons, psychics, magic, Harry Potter, etc.)

I do believe in aliens, but that is more out of probability, considering how large our universe, and the number of earth-like planets. So I do believe that the possibility of life on other planets to be very high. But whether that life is intelligent is another question.

8. What’s your political alignment? Does your atheism influence how you vote and how you feel on issues?

Yes atheism, does influence my politics, I care nothing for the issues surrounding culture wars. I only care for economic issues, and issues that directly affect my wallet.

9. Even though you’re an atheist, have you ever experienced a moment that could be called “religious?” Like an epiphany about the world or complete peace?


10. Are you spiritual, or are your feet always on the ground?

Feet on the ground. I am very rational and down to earth.

11. Do you have/plan on having a career in the sciences? Alternatively: which branch of science intrigues you most?

I really enjoy astronomy and physics, but no plans for a career in those fields. However I do have a degree in Mathematics.

12. What happens when we die? Do you fear death?

Life, Time, and the World will go on without me. I will probably be forgotten about in a few generations and NO I don’t fear death.

13. Would you ever date/marry somebody who follows a religion? Be honest.

I am married to one now. However we married religious, I’m the one that has changed. But hypothetically speaking, I think I would date/marry someone who is religious, as long as they are not dogmatic with it.

14. On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with life at this moment, and why?

 8.5, I am very satisfied and content, but it’s not perfect. And I am okay with that.

15. Recommend a book. (Doesn’t have to be relevant to atheism, just any good book.)

For anybody who has questions on Christianity…THE BIBLE, but for anybody who wants to know how to interact with people. How to make friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie.

About M. Rodriguez

When I first received Christ salvation, I made it a priority to read the whole bible and I did. But it was the Bible that made me question my faith. For I found it flawed and lacking. Due to this I launched a personal inquiry/investigation into my faith, and ultimately realized that the Christian God of the Bible was indeed man-made. Now I Blog about those findings and life after Christ.
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14 Responses to 15 Question Atheist Ice Breaker

  1. unklee says:

    “However I do have a degree in Mathematics.”
    Hi Marcus. Are you working using that degree at the moment? Did you specialise in any particular aspect of Mathematics?

    • M. Rodriguez says:

      No I actually sell insurance now. A bachelors by itself in mathematics is pretty useless.

      I would a need a masters for it to be of any value. But the college I went too. The math program was more focused and concentrated in abstract mathematics

  2. ignorantianescia says:

    “(…) I plan on reading God is Not Great, by Christopher Hitchens, to come to more of a conclusion on this. I might even consider reading the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.”

    Just keep in mind when reading these two books that the authors have (well, one has and one had) very strong biases and that the books contain both misrepresentations of facts and beliefs (especially Hitchens’s).

    • M. Rodriguez says:

      I actually just started reading god is not great and from first impressions the book is not really an argument against god, buy religion. Its so far a decent read, but it does come off a little bit as the the rants of an angry atheist.

      I probably won’t get the god delusion. I don’t think it will be a necessary read.

      • ignorantianescia says:

        Personally, I generally found Dawkins’s book the better of the two, better researched and less burlesque.

      • M. Rodriguez says:

        I’m a slow reader. So I’ve gotten through the first four chapters. Its okay. But I’m beginning to think that I might have enjoyed god delusion just as much or more. Sometimes in the book he has a tendacy to go tangents in that he makes a strong statement and a good point, but a lil over the top.(ie: he has a chapter on the religious and food. Or when he. called St. Augustine a “earth-centered ignoramus.”)

        That is just a lil over the top. I usually prefer my books well researched with citations of statistics,quotes and information in support of the position of the book.

        I’ll probably do a post(book review) on it later

    • arkenaten says:

      “Just keep in mind when reading these two books that the authors have (well, one has and one had) very strong biases and that the books contain both misrepresentations of facts and beliefs (especially Hitchens’s).”

      What are you, Marcus’s minder?

      I love this, a Christian offering cautionary advice to an atheist. He is an intelligent individual. This is why he is no longer a Christian. Are you ever going to get it?

      If you lot were not so mind-numbingly obtuse, in your silly religious posturing this would be hysterical.

      The man has de-converted. He HAS seen the light and rejected the nonsense you still adhere to. Get over yourself for your god’s sake.

      Maybe you should go back to playing in the sandpit?


      Ark shakes head in bemusement.

      • ignorantianescia says:

        And? There’s nothing wrong with pointing out that Hitchens tended to get his facts as crooked as they get, outside the most convoluted of fundamentalist apologetics that is. He often wrote in some sort of pseudo-authoritative style but people should know they can’t rely on his reporting of “facts”. And it’s not as if I don’t warn people when they read forms of Christian apologetics I know to be tendentious.

        To be honest, your reply leaves me in bemusement. It’s not like I said: “NO DON’T READ THE HITCHINATOR!!!!!! YOU’LL DECONVERT!!!!! THE HORROR!!!!!!11111111111elevenelevenelevenoneoneoneoneoneoenoneone” The issue here is not keeping faith, but love of truth.

    • Neil Rickert says:

      Just keep in mind when reading these two books that …

      I have not read either book. However, if I were to read the Hitchens book, I would be reading it to enjoy his rhetorical skills, rather than for the content.

    • arkenaten says:

      “The issue here is not keeping faith, but love of truth.”
      Which is sort of an oxymoron coming from you. As a Christian, I doubt you would recognize the truth if it bit you on the backside. In fact, Christianity is the antithesis of truth.
      Although you are free to offer your opinion re: Hitchen’s book it is laughable that you would offer your wonderful ‘unbiased’ insight of an atheist author’s book to an atheist.
      A bit like the devil warning a Christian about Jesus. The mind boggles!
      And It’s not as if Marcus is a retard and needs your input is it?
      Furthermore, on the topic of you cautioning Marcus on biased writing…LOL. Why have you never felt the occasion to mention Unklee’s biased Christian writing for example?

      You are funny…..

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  4. I really enjoyed much of Hitchens book. As to facts he got wrong, do you mind sharing a few examples (serious question). Not looking to debate Hitchens, read him after I lost my faith. Just curious to what facts he got wrong.


  5. crystalwheel says:

    I actually really enjoyed your post. Lots of thought here and I think that enjoy the day you are given could pretty much sum it up for all us unbelievers…

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